Barefoot Running: Multitude Of Options

The term “barefoot” seems, at first glance, to be self-explanatory: no shoes. Naked feet. Au naturel.

Surprisingly, barefoot running enthusiasts who claim freedom from shoes utilize a spectrum of products to achieve that barefoot feeling. Let’s face it: Few of us have pristine, pine needle trails that dampen every footfall and leave our feet smelling like a car air freshener.

For most of us, the rumblings of barefoot running are confined to a more domesticated approach. After all, in the real world, our tootsies are vulnerable to everything from broken glass, bottle caps, and whatever else might be lying around the concrete sidewalks and asphalt roads we find ourselves most often on. And because every need is a potential market, shoe companies, from the granddaddies to the young upstarts, have a running shoe for every foot.

“Ideally you want to make something of quality that will help people,” says Jon Knapp, owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Aptos, who has been in the running specialty business for more than … Read the rest

I am a NorCal Runner

As far as sports psychology goes, there is a lot of negative thought that doesn’t necessarily help us out. So the first step is to recognize that.

So if I am running along and its been a tough day and I start to think “Aw, my legs are so heavy . . . I am a terrible runner” . . . or whatever it is, I can say to myself “stop” and I can replace those thoughts with “I am a smooth, fluid runner.” And so we can start to replace those negative thoughts with something that is useful. And this is a thing that takes a lot of practice.

It is really like teaching a dog to sit. Humans are creatures of habit and we learn by repetition and the thing that really gets people to incorporate this stuff in their brain and use it effectively is to do it a lot.

I am not a perfectionist by any stretch. But what I am is a realist. You … Read the rest